Composite Fillings
Plymouth, NH

White Dental Fillings

Did you know there are advantages of choosing tooth colored fillings? Plymouth, NH patients of Pemi Baker Family Dental can enjoy restorations that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as healthier for their smiles.

Because we are able to custom match tooth colored fillings, Plymouth patients can have a restorative option that isn’t noticeable when they talk or laugh around friends. Smiling in a photograph won’t reveal a dark, unsightly filling.

Less Invasive to Your Teeth

Composite restorations (white fillings) bond tightly against your tooth enamel, which is something that metal fillings can’t do. As such, we can bond them to practically any tooth throughout your mouth. Less tooth structure is removed and prepared, preserving as much healthy enamel as possible throughout the process.

Do I Have a Cavity?

Diagnosing tooth decay early allows for smaller tooth colored fillings. Plymouth, New Hampshire patients will likely need a small digital X-ray of the tooth in order for us to determine the extent of the decay. You may also notice symptoms such as:

→ Tooth sensitivity
→ Occasional pain
→ A rough edge you feel with your tongue
→ Visible discoloration
→ Sensations when eating certain types of foods

Replace Your Metal Restoration with Tooth Colored Fillings

Plymouth, NH patients of Pemi Baker Family Dental can choose to have their older amalgam fillings replaced with white ones instead. If your old metal filling is large, we may recommend a lab made filling such as a dental inlay or onlay instead.

Made to Match Your Smile

Are you planning on getting tooth colored fillings? Plymouth, NH providers at Pemi Baker Family dental recommend specific shades of materials to match the tooth and adjacent restorations. Tooth decay can easily spread to neighboring teeth if not treated in a timely manner. Schedule your next appointment at Pemi Baker Family Dental in Plymouth, NH today.