Tooth Extractions
Plymouth, NH

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Do you need to have a tooth or two pulled as part of your full mouth reconstruction plan? We offer gentle dental extractions for Plymouth, NH patients of all ages at Pemi Baker Family Dental.

When Should I Have a Tooth Pulled?

In most situations, our Plymouth, New Hampshire dentist will want to help you retain your natural teeth for as long as possible. But in some instances, it’s best to remove a tooth because of how it can impact your mouth as a whole. Here are a few examples of when dental extractions may be suggested:

Emergencies and Severe Pain — In instances where immediate pain relief is necessary due to injuries or severe toothaches, pulling a tooth may be in your best interest.

Non-Restorable Teeth — A tooth can only be repaired if there is enough healthy structure to work with. If the tooth is severely broken or decayed, removing it is preferred.

Advanced Gum Disease — Periodontal disease can cause teeth to become mobile or fall out. Extracting severely infected teeth may be part of your comprehensive soft tissue therapy protocol.

Getting Dentures — If you plan on replacing all of your teeth with a denture, we will need to remove the few that are still left.

Dental Implant Placement — Implants are a great solution for replacing missing teeth, damaged ones, or full mouth reconstruction. Larger prosthetics may require extractions before the implants can be installed.

What About Wisdom Teeth?

At Pemi Banker Family Dental in Plymouth, we can screen for wisdom tooth problems such as impaction, infection, or partial eruption. If an extraction is recommend, we can guide you through the process. Looking for a family dentist that offers in-house dental extractions? Plymouth, NH families can trust our compassionate team with all of their oral health needs. Call us today!