Full Mouth Rehabilitations
Plymouth, NH

Are you familiar with the term “full mouth rehabilitation?” Plymouth, NH oral health providers at Pemi Baker Family Dental describe the process as one that restores your bite back to an optimal level of health, function, and aesthetics

Treating Existing Disease

The foundation of full mouth rehabilitation involves stopping, eliminating, and treating active disease, damage or extensive wear. This means supportive therapies such as periodontal treatments for gum disease or addressing active tooth decay. Once we have stabilized existing infections and cavities, we can make a plan for restoring areas that have suffered damage.

Restorative Broken and Replacing Missing Teeth

Now that your overall smile is healthy, we can focus on giving you a strong bite that’s made for everyday use. This process may involve restorations such as:

Porcelain Crowns — To cover fractured, worn, or damaged teeth in an aesthetic manner.

Fixed Bridges — For replacing missing teeth.

Full or Partial Dentures — Affordably replace multiple teeth at one time.

Dental Implants — Offer long-term tooth replacement solutions. Can support crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Ultimately, your restorative options will be curated to your individual needs, budget, and goals. Our Plymouth, New Hampshire restorative dentist will present each viable option, so that you can make an educated decision about which treatments are best for your specific situation.

Planning for the Future

One of the most important details for our full mouth rehabilitation (Plymouth) patients is ensuring that the teeth fit and function together properly at a high level of accuracy. This includes calibration of the bite and assessment of TMJ function. When your jaws and teeth work together at an optimal level, it allows for long term health of your smile as a whole.

Interested in learning more about full mouth rehabilitation? Plymouth, NH families are encouraged contact Pemi Baker Family Dental for an exam!