Porcelain Veneers
Plymouth, NH

Get Dramatic Results with Custom Veneers & Laminates

Have you ever wished that you could change everything about your smile in just one or two trips to the dentist’s office? With custom dental veneers and laminates in Plymouth, NH, you can!

What are Cosmetic Veneers and Laminates?

These cosmetic restorations in Plymouth are designed to enhance how your teeth look when you smile. Rather than serve as a restorative treatment, veneers and laminates are an aesthetic procedure that addresses concerns such as teeth that are:

→ Discolored and stained
→ Uneven or chipped
→ Crowded/crooked
→ Gapped

Instead of getting braces, crowns, or whitening your teeth, veneers cover the front surfaces to recreate the shape and alignment of the teeth in your “smile zone.” Depending on how wide your smile is, most people tend to get veneers in sets of 6, 8, or 10 (usually only on the upper teeth.)

The Treatment Process

Most veneer treatments will take a couple of appointments to complete. After planning what you want your new smile to look like, we prep the teeth and take an impression, which is used to hand design the veneers that will be bonded over them. About two weeks later, your permanent cosmetic restorations are ready to be placed.

Laminates on the other hand, are a composite veneer design that we create and place in the same appointment. Because they are made from resin, laminates are better for addressing one or two teeth rather than multiple ones.

A Customized Experience

You want to feel confident and comfortable with the way your smile looks. That’s why each of our cases involving veneers & laminates in Plymouth, New Hampshire are planned by Pemi Baker Family Dental dentists and the patient. Together, you will design the perfect smile for your lifestyle…and budget!

Schedule a cosmetic dental consultation today to find out how our customized veneer options can help you feel great about your smile, regardless of what it’s been through in the past.